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watch this video

evidently carhartt stop makin overalls and this guy is pissed

TITTIES and madnessssssss.

2010-09-23 20:58:16 by lukashafstrom

ya, i made a madness animation so friggin watch it already

mr. nihil's piece is crazy good. and the other pieces bring madness to a whole notha level. big shout out to redharvest for giving me a chance, he is a phenomenal artist and collab organizer

ricepirate did the voice acting, fucking amaZINGGGG, check his stuff out, he kicks mad ass. i just wish i was able to use more of his stuff

o and i almost forgot, here are some titties like i promised...

TITTIES and madnessssssss.

bored, drawing on a desk

2010-09-02 20:19:07 by lukashafstrom

bored, in library, should be studying adv anatomy, instead i'm drawing all over the desk

bored, drawing on a desk


2010-06-23 23:24:21 by lukashafstrom

yo check out this link

it's a small animation i made for my friends birthday, figured i'd post it in hopes that bouncing tits would cheer everyone up


yo check the new flash

it's a parody about that "wow that's a low price" staples commercial

heres a link to the original commercial

WOW that really is a low price!


2010-05-13 11:17:31 by lukashafstrom

WOW, ultraviolence award.

i wasn't expecting that. thanks tom fulp and the rest of the newgrounds staff for giving me the opportunity.

congratulations to all of the pico day winning submissions, they were really great this year!

hulalaoo's submission was especially phenomenal

and if you haven't seen P1C[] yet by idiot-monarch check it out

here is the link to my pico day flash

hopefully i'll be coming out with some better stuff in the near future



click here

pico day submission, enjoy!!!!!

PICO RELEASED, check the new flash

oldman butter!!! new flash

2010-03-01 18:59:51 by lukashafstrom

finally, here it is oldman butter

check it out and leave me some feedback

oldman butter!!! new flash

check this mom's box

mom's box hahahahaha check this one out!

valentine's day flash

2010-02-13 19:25:48 by lukashafstrom

check my valentine's day flash out!!!!

mountian man valentine

valentine's day flash