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best one yet! great job

Koolguykai responds:


that was hilarious

a little more time on the animation and that would of been gold. i was laughing my ass off

mrnihil responds:

we've been thinking about it.


ready...... doesn't even...... fucking DESCRIBE IT.

i seriously can't get enough of your facial expressions and voice acting. i've seriously watched this over two dozen times, mesmerized by how you animated their faces. unfuckingbelivable this was great!


that was so cool how the bullet passed through multiple fighting scenes (ie jesus next to tree, agents on train). this will definitely be a great madness animation once you lengthen it

io3creations responds:

Thanks :)

Actually, the longer movie will have a different storyline but wanted to get the hang of 3d animation with some familiar Madness scenes.

funny idea

you have really good ideas the animation was just a little too slow/shabby. clean up your work make it longer and maybe throw in some more original ideas and you'd have a 10/10 animation!


this flash was surprisingly creepy. i really like your drawing style and you picked a sobering topic. the only hing i would change is the punching animation, you got your point across but i felt it clashed with your overall style

holy hot dam

i actually laughed my friggin ass off, this was great. and the voice acting from lazymuffin was the icing on the cake.

i actually enjoyed this

I've watched alot of your animations, and you have a couple good ideas. however the fact that you completely half ass the animation really degrades your work.

and I'm not saying i don't like your style. i really like the way you draw your characters. but when you have a character talking with absolutely no movement in the body it is really disappointing. and if you do have movement it's beyond choppy (like when the mother cat is talking, the movement of the arm is completely unrefined).

you have alot of potential. you need to go back and refine your work. take the extra time to animate your work correctly.

definitely had potential

a couple improvements i would suggest:

improve audio, it was difficult to make out the words, which i feel are an important component of this flash

clean up some of the animation, some of the perspectives seemed a little sloppy. you might want to consider going back and cleaning it up a little bit or re drawing some of the scenes.

other than that, great song and some really good ideas. with some minor corrections this would definitely would be a 10/10 animation

WOW, unexpected "there will be blood"

that "there will be blood" parody was completely unexpected. great job you had me laughing my ass off. this was an exceptional video. excellent!

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